another note on blockchain

In my previous piece, I noted that writing on a blockchain is better than writing into the stone. There, I listed two requirements for such an eternity of data: electricity and basic computation power.

Now, consider an apocalyptic event that shuts down the whole electricity of the world; temporarily or indefinitely.

In the temporary case, the blockchains will resume as if nothing happened once the power is back! — The life is on; the civilization continues!

In the indefinite outage case — actually let’s assume even a worse situation — let’s assume that the humankind became extinct, or the biological-life ended on the earth, after the assumed apocalyptic event! And now, imagine a galaxy traveler or an intelligence visiting the Planet Earth as part of a culture trip! What are they going to find about us as our heritage? It will be those tens of thousands of solid state disks all around the world that contain the exact same information: — Blockchains! — As if they were the genes of the Planet Earth replicated themselves in every cell.

A photograph taken by the astronaut Thomas Pesquet (via

Blockchains allow me to think more ontologically and redefine the life or being.

At the end of the day, all of us are giving a fight to manifest our being or realize our full potential. All of us want to say that we lived; we were here!

I join Harari’s excitement when I see below hand-painting that was found in Chauvet Cave near France: A child is saying “Hi!” to us from 30,000 years back! “ — Hi! I lived! I was here!”.

Chauvet Cave Handpainting: — a child is saying “hi” from B.C. 30,000 — photo credit:

I’d like to reply:

— Hi, my dear friend! We see you! Your soul is with us.

To me, it comes to what we are going to leave behind us once our biological lives end. What will remain in the memories of our friends? Which stories are they going to keep telling to honor our existence?

What kind of hand-paintings would you consider leaving, after your biological being?

Cueva de las Manos, Argentina. 13,000–9,000 BP (via

Whatever you may imagine as your legacy — be it a hand-painting or a music record, be it your gene sequence, a cause, or a will— make sure that you record it on a blockchain, because it is what will remain at the end of the day.

What the galaxy travelers will find about us is what exactly they would have paid for: This is a “culture” trip; remember?

Our heritage will be a well-lived life; and a beautiful, prolific “culture” that is built as the collective memory of humankind.

The tricky part is that it doesn’t count if you didn’t write it on a blockchain.

They will read a story about sapiens who once had biological lives but then figured transitioning into electric forms in the exponential age.

It will be all electric.

Our lives will echo in eternity. We will shine when the electricity turns on.

Our electric-friendly intelligent friends will salute us; our souls will be with them. They will be witnesses of our existence. Eventually, their vacation will end and they might still keep remembering us; but maybe as “Populus-Electrica” as a misnomer.

Who knows? Maybe we will reach to a higher form of consciousness? Maybe we will define ourselves as a neural network of a psych modeled around a digital identity who once lived a human life on earth and what remained after them is just those records on blockchains.

Again, what would you record on it if you had a material that can live forever?

Luckily, we are in a good shape: We already posted tons of things about us on social media and public internet. They constitute almost a digital version of our identity already. It is time to register them on blockchains as #NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

In my imagination, it is not a coincidence that the brain is powered by electricity.

It is not a coincidence that Elon Musk is trying to make humankind multi-planetary. I can even speculate that his Boring company was incorporated by keeping an apocalyptic event in mind: What if humankind needed to live under the shell of the mother earth if the planet gets warmer and warmer before we figure out the space-travel?

It is not a coincidence that Jack Dorsey makes his first tweet an #NFT.

What is your creation? Your own self? What are you carving? The statue of your own soul?

A figurative sculpture by Mexican artist Víctor Hugo Yáñez Piña (via

Whatever you are crafting, make sure that it is digital and make sure that you write it on a blockchain!

On a decentralized one, though! A spoiled engineer shouldn’t be able to silence you as they did it to the former president. Our ancestors didn’t fight the fight so that we can take the freedom of speech that cheaply; especially in an age where social media is mainstream.

link to the tweet

Naval — an influencer of my age — put it well: “If you can silence a king, you are the king!”

I embrace blockchain in the name of freedom of speech, freedom of private entrepreneurship, private property rights, freedom to move and reside, right to assemble, right to democracy… in the name of all human rights and eternity of soul and privacy… and, of course, in the name of a better world: a decentralized and autonomous one, including the governance… in the name of a prolific culture that is above nations, races, genders, religions and all other fictive boundaries.